The Cycle of Life

Weekend in Rota d’Imagna

Maire and I and our Caoimhe (19) and Jim (16) decided to spend a short weekend away in Italy – we had spotted cheap flights to Bergamo on Ryanair and used Tripadvisor to scour the area nearby for cheap but good hotels.

We came accross Hotel Miramonti which is about 40 minutes from Bergamo up in the mountains.
The town was called Rota d’Imagna and it is very pleasently located high up in the alpine foothills.

We also spent a day in Bergamo itself – this is a wonderful town especially the old city.

This was a great weekend – really enjoyable with just the four of us.  Maire and I were especially keen to practice our Italian.  But we had little opportunity as most people were so nice and of course, wanted to speak English to us.

Jim was keen to practice his photography skills and indeed he took some very beautiful pictures.

It’s great just to go somewhere quiet.  Rota d’Imagna was a quiet town.
Pictures are from the town of Bergamo.

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