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Learning Identity and Learning Italian

In previous posts I spoke about learning identity.

I emphasised that we all carry many (often unquestioned) assumptions about who we are and who we can be as learners.  The notion of learning identity is proposed as a component of one’s overall self-identity.  I argued that learning identity is often framed in one’s school years and can remain fixed through life especially for non-participants in further formal learning.

In my own research on participation in the digital world I came accross learning identity as an important influence on people’s decisions to enroll on basic computer courses.  The recurrent theme is captured in the phrase “I was no good in school”.

Well, I decided to turn the spotlight inwards and direct my scrutiny at my own learning identity.  I have always believed that I am no good at language learning.  My French is dreadful despite struggeling through six years of it in school.  I can speak a bit of German because I lived in Munich for a time after college but here’s the thing about German – outside of Germany no one wants to speak it!

So I’m going to learn Italian.

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