Philosophy & Science of Learning

Learning Outcomes

Where we find learning outcomes

All learning outcomes are descriptive, they are attempts to capture in a series of statements the results and consequences of instruction or experience.
For anyone taking on a course of study, particularly a third level course, they are likely to want access to a description of that course and the modules associated with it. 

A key part of any such course or module description will be a series of statements that define the purpose and intent of the learning involved – these are known as the “Learning Outcomes”.
Learning outcomes can be defined at all levels of course participation:

  • Programme Level Learning Outcomes are statements that describe the range, depth and kind of knowledge and competence expected of a student on completion of an entire programme such as a degree or a diploma.
  • Module Level Learning Outcomes are statements that describe the knowledge and competence expected by the student on completion of a particular module or subject area within a programme.
  • Class Level Learning Outcomes are indications of what is expected to be achieved by the students on completion of a specific class or tutorial session.

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