On Holiday in Nerja

I am not quite a techie – I use technology as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. The most used tool that I own is my laptop, it is my companion and I take it everywhere.
I have been using a Mac notebook for the last three years (or is it 4?) and in recent times it has shown signs of wear and tear – the power cable broke, the processor became very slow and I had to replace the battery.
So I decided to invest in a new MacBook Pro and I took delivery of it just the day before my holidays here in Nerja.
As I write these words I am sitting at a cafe by the side of the Balcon (literally translated as the balcony) and of course I am using the new laptop.
Macs have a built in camera facility – the software that supports it is called Photo Booth and I have just taken the picture sequence.
Nerja is a lovely town with just the right balance between tourism and local culture. There are restaurants everywhere and as my friend and colleague Eugene points out there are plenty of wireless hot spots.
I really like the small Spanish eateries that seem to combine a bar and seafood restaurant. These are not the posh places they have plastic tables and chairs and you are unlikely to get air conditioning. But whow! try a plate of grilled sardines – delicious.

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