लीर्निंग फ्रॉम स्लुम्दोग Slumdog Millionaire

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This was a super film that pushed and pulled at your emotions throughout -the direction, editing, photography and acting all combined to create an absolutly absorbing experience. I think great films live on in your head after you’ve seen them and this was the case with Slumdog.

What of the story! Without giving too much away – the basic premise centres on the Indian version of the TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. People (especially the police) do not believe how the young tea boy from the Mumbai slums can answer all the quiz show questions. He must be cheating! How could he know all this stuff? We find out that he really does know the answers because each question connected with particular events and experiences in his life history.

This film is a good example of important connection between experience and learning. Some people describe themselves as not having much learning and yet the may have many years experience in work or other areas of activity. This experience counts for learning and for anyone thinking about returning to learning it’s a good idea to think about all of your experience as a strong foundation for any course you intend to undertake.

If your interested look out for a follow up posting on constructivist learning theory.


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