The Cycle of Life

These are just some of my ideas and stories about my life. I write a regular feature using the Gaelic form of my name Leon Ó Cáthasaigh for Ireland of the Welcomes magazine. Many of these are presented here. 

Away with the fairies
The Common Good
The Election Count- A Learning Opportunity
The English (Poets) Graveyard in Rome
November 2010 Ireland in Turmoil – The Relevance of Habermas and the Theory of Communicative Action
SITE Conference
Why We Blog
Lord Mayor’s Commission on Employment
Weekend in Rota d’Imagna
Our Digital World invades the Bicycle!
Learning Identity and Learning Italian
NAMA – having a haircut or taking a bath!
Slea Head
PhD Viva Voce
The Road – by Cormac Mc Carthy
Ian Paisley Comes to NCI
The Child Abuse Report – Adults now Children then
Cardiff and the Rugby Grand Slam
Storyteller’s Concert in Lough Rynn Castle