About Me

Dr Leo Casey


National College of Ireland


Director of Learning & Teaching and Education Programmes at National College of Ireland
Director, Centre for Research and Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CRILT) at National College of Ireland

Teaching Professional Development Workshops

I teach many different modules and have developed many workshops on teaching and learning for college teachers and learning professionals. Topics include –

  • What Makes a Good Teacher
  • The Science of Learning and the Art of Teaching
  • Teaching in the Digital World
  • Harnessing Natural Impulses for Learning
  • Inclusive Teaching
  • Learning Identity
  • Using Activity Theory to Change Professional Practice.
  • ….and many more

MA/Post-Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching

  • Theories of Learning and Teaching
  • Cultural and Individual Aspects of Learning 
  • Contemporary and Enduring Questions in Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Contextual Studies 
  • Dissertation

BA in Early Childhood Education/ BA in Adult and Workforce Education

  • Making Learning Visible
  • Argument & Critique 
  • Inquiry Learning

Past Career

AV Edge (1996-2007)

In 1996 I founded AV Edge, a television production and multimedia company specialising in education.  With the support of business investors, AV Edge diversified into e-learning and international markets. In 2004 I sold the company and subsequently worked for ThirdForce as Head of Skills for Life.  I successfully established a new business division in the UK market specialising in e-learning for adult basic skills.  In 2007, I joined National College of Ireland to take up my current position.

UCD (1981 – 1996)

I studied science in UCD and following the H Dip Ed, I stayed with UCD to work on audiovisual media production for education. Subsequently, the college established the Audio Visual Centre where I was Head of Media Production. I was involved in pioneering work on the use of technology in education including the use of satellites for live international lectures, multimedia innovations and the early application of Internet technologies to education.
In  1991 I established a unique partnership between UCD and RTE to produce educational television programmes for broadcast. In effect the Audio Visual Centre was an outsourced educational programmes unit for RTE. I was trained by RTE as a television director and devised, produced and directed over one hundred broadcast programmes (see details elsewhere).

In 1986 I was part of a project to deliver live lectures from UCD to the University of Jordan in Amman. You can view an RTE news archive on the project here http://www.rte.ie/archives/collections/news/21204395-ucd-link-to-jordan/