College Teaching: How to let go of PowerPoint

It started as a means to an end. You wanted to do well in class but felt you couldn’t cope without additional support. “Don’t worry” you told yourself, “I can manage. I’ll just use a few. I’m not really dependent on them.” So you start with five, and then it becomes ten and before you know it your on 30 or more slides per class. Deep down you know you’re addicted.   You may have full-blown PTS! Powerpoint Teaching Syndrome. Here are five indications to help your self-diagnosis of PTS: Preparation for each class is devoted exclusively to preparing powerpoint slides. You even say things like “that’s the first five lectures in the bag” as you complete the slide banks. You consider cancelling the class if the projector is broken or unavailable. You read all the text from each slide. Your rush through the last ten slides saying something like “I don’t have time to go through all of this so here are the slides”. Your students explain they won’t be in class next week but they will read the slides instead. You’re constantly asking other teachers for their slides.  If you answered ‘yes’ to more than one the above … Continue reading College Teaching: How to let go of PowerPoint