Lord Mayor’s Commission on Employment

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr. Emer Costello, is to be commended for establishing a Commission on Employment for Dublin. This is an inspired and necessary goal for the City Council and tackling unemployment or, to put it more positively, creating employment is essential for the future well-being of all who live and work in our city. The Lord Mayor’s Commission has set up working groups on a number of key areas: (1) Unemployment & Employment, (2) Business, Entrepreneurship & Finance, (3) Education, Skills and Training, and (4) Volunteering & the Social Economy.  The commission have invited submissions and I have copied below my own contribution on the area of Education, Skills and Training.  Dublin City of LearningLet’s stop and think and about learning.  No I don’t mean schooling, or formal training or the pursuit of new qualifications.  I want us to think about learning – what it means for each each of us and how it gives purpose to our lives.We learn throughout our lives and each time we face new challenges, we take on new information, adapt our thinking and develop new skills.  We learn how to build our identity as we emerge from teenage years, we learn … Continue reading Lord Mayor’s Commission on Employment