Our Digital World invades the Bicycle!

The Dublin bike scheme is a welcome addition to our city.  It will be great for toursists and locals alike.  Dublin is a relatively flat city and if you can brave the wind and the rain then cycling is a great way to get about. I had seen the new stands being constructed and looked forward to the inauguration of this new service for many months now.  How practical!  How green! How good of our city and government to, at last, offer something for ordinary people to use and to enjoy. So you can imagine my enthusium to read the practical details as they were published in the newspapers this weekend.  Then I saw something that made me slightly uneasy: Users, who must register online at www.dublinbikes.ie, pay a €10 annual membership fee and leave a €150 security deposit through a credit card or bank draft. Mmm…  I’ve been around long enough to realise that you can’t just leave bikes lying around and expect people to use and return with honour.  No – the need for a deposit did not bother me – nor the €10 annual membership.  Even the charges per hour are reasonable and it is understandable that … Continue reading Our Digital World invades the Bicycle!