Slea Head

We decided to spend some days in Dingle, County Kerry.Why Dingle?Well this is a place that I’ve always had a fondness for and it has been many years since I visited. I made a documentary in the mid-1980s called Up Sraid Eoin (John Street) – it was the story of the Dingle wren boys. We filmed it one St Stephens Day and it was broadcast on RTE the following year. I had been introduced to Dingle while I was working in UCD’s Audio Visual Centre – we spent a whole summer recording stories and music for the Department of Irish Folklore/Irish Folklore Commission. The irony was that we were using television to capture the last remnants of an oral storytelling tradition that was dying out because of the pervasiveness of television. I learned so much through these projects and although I was responsible for sound and video I really did not have enough Irish to understand what was being said. Strange that the way it worked out I was happy to be there and to listen to the rhythm of the telling and observe the engagement of the listeners as they fell under the spell of a great story-teller. We … Continue reading Slea Head