Ian Paisley Comes to NCI

Dr Ian Paisley arrived at National College of Ireland as part of the Legends in Your Lunchtime series. The idea is a series radio interviews with famous people recorded in front of an audience at the college. Newstalk and Metro partner with NCI for these events. Paisley can still attract a crowd. I have to say I have very mixed feelings about Paisley. Like many people who lived in the Republic throughout the troubles I regarded Paisley as the epitome of unionist intransigence. No one can say for certain but fixed and extreme views on both sides meant that a resolution came about only after many, many more years than necessary. Paisley must shoulder his share of responsibility for this. Still, as I sat near the front of the lecture theatre, I could not help but be taken in by the warm, affable manner of the 82 year old Paisley. George Hook as the interviewer is old enough to remember how in the bad old days Paisley used to storm out of TV studios if he did not like the question or the tone of the interviewer. George sat stern faced in the lead up and I wondered if he’d … Continue reading Ian Paisley Comes to NCI