The Skillful Teacher

I came across this quotation from Confucius many months agoand I have been waiting for an opportune time to include it in my blog.Please forgive Confucius for his use of the term ‘man’ only in his descriptionof the skillful teacher. The most skillful teachers I know are women. When a superior man knows the causes which make instruction successful, and those which make it of no effect, he can be a teacher of others. Thus in his teaching, he leads and does not drag; he strengthens and does not discourage; he opens the way but does not conduct to the endwithout the learner’s own efforts. Leading and not dragging produces harmony. Strengthening and not discouraging makes attainment easy. Opening the way and not conducting to the end makes the learner thoughtful. He who produces harmony, easy attainment, and thoughtfulness may be pronounced a skillful teacher.– Confucius,Book XVI – HSIO KI (Record on the Subject of Education)Isn’t it remarkable how Confucius seems to capture all that we would nowcall best practice in teaching others.She leads but does not dragMost learning practitioners would agree with this – for adults the mantrais adults learn what they want to learn and what they find … Continue reading The Skillful Teacher