An Organic Approach to Teaching and How Digital Media Make it Possible

In recent years the trend in digital media design has been toward extending the natural reach of human capacities.Digital cameras for example are not just getting smaller and lighter but they are becoming easier to use. Background technologies now compensate for low light levels, camera shake, poor composition and other errors. All the user needs to do is point and click.The irony is that increasingly complex technology often gives rise to simpler and more natural functionality. Give a camera to a six year old and watch what happens.The same trend can be seen in other designs -technologies such as the wii controller, voice recognition and intuitive Internet interfaces are helping to hide technology and foreground functionality. Ironically, these advanced digital technologies are becoming more transparent and users take them for granted. These designs give rise to new possibilities in teaching and learning.Traditionally, we’ve organised much of school teaching around the development of essential skills the so-called 3r’s -reading, writing and arithmetic. There are few who would deny the importance of these skills for the modern world and because they are important we can’t wait to get our children up to speed as early as possible. The progress of children in … Continue reading An Organic Approach to Teaching and How Digital Media Make it Possible